We can not thank you enough for the fabulous job you did constructing our Strongwood log home. After many years of dreaming, and a one year search for the right plan and log home product, our dream has finally been realized. As impressed as we are with the product, we are even more impressed with the quality of your workmanship and the professionalism of you and your staff. In an era of delays and cost overruns, few general contractors will meet one, much less both. Not only did you complete the home on time and on budget, you also you gave us a completed home with “zero” discrepancies. How many homeowners can say that?

When a quality log home company teams up with a premier general contractor, the expectations are high, and we were not disappointed. The strong relationship between you and Strongwood was evident and the end result speaks for itself. This was without a doubt the most enjoyable building experience we have ever had.

As we now sit and enjoy our new home, we often reflect back and ponder what we would have done differently. The answer is always the same, nothing. From plan inception to product completion, we were constantly kept in the loop. Through your guidance and suggestions, we were able to build a home that meets our every need. Since our home was completed, we have had more than 100 people come through and view it. The two comments I hear the most are “the quality of the workmanship is amazing” and “you don’t find workmanship like this any more”. As far as I am concerned, that says everything one needs to know about you and Great Lakes Carpentry. For anyone looking for a top notch builder, look no further. You will not find a better builder in all of northern Wisconsin.

Once again Randy, thank you for the magnificent job.

Gary Patton

Senior Captain, Johnson Wax Flight Department

Upon the completion of my home, I would like to send thanks to you and everyone at Great Lakes Carpentry for all the hard work and masterful craftsmanship that went into building my dream.

A tremendous amount of skill and talent was needed to build my log home. Your craftsmanship far surpassed my expectations; not even in my dreams did I imagine the magnificence of this house and the craftsmanship that went into it. You built my house as if it was your own, and you made sure that every minor detail was not over looked and built it to perfection. I am appreciative of all of your hard work. It was such a great pleasure working with you; you treated me as a friend, and you were willing to adjust to my requests with ease. Being hundreds of miles away you kept my mind at ease by keeping me constantly abreast of every detail during construction. It was your attention to detail and drive for excellence that put your work above all others I have seen. Your craftsmanship is beyond that of any builder I have encountered. I recommend Great Lakes Carpentry to anyone considering building or any remodeling needs, and plan on working with you for all future construction. I am truly grateful for all of the hard work, effort and attention to detail that was put into transforming my vision into the flawless beauty I am privileged to call home. Thank you, and all at Great Lakes Carpentry for turning my dream into a reality

John Mallon

Fran and I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the fine work that you have done for us. Last spring the new deck was a design challenge—to accommodate both the overhang roof above and the uneven terrain of the rock garden below. It came out beautifully and ahead of schedule and under budget. We use the deck constantly. It is a wonderful extension of our kitchen.

More recently, the winter’s remodeling job also came out splendidly. The new rustic maple flooring is gorgeous, as are the glass doors that you made for the kitchen cabinets.

The floor job was not trivial, as it required much demolition and rebuilding of the underlayment and trim.

Please include us among your satisfied customers. We would be happy to talk to any of your future clients.

Dick Bukrey

Thanks for being so accommodating and willing to help us with these last few projects on the cabin. We just wanted to let you know that we spent a wonderful week at our remodeled cabin in August and truly enjoyed the new great room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and loft. We couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out and are so thankful that we found you to help guide us through the process from start to finish. You took care of all the little details and stayed on top of all the issues that popped up. By communicating with us on almost a daily basis, we always felt secure in knowing exactly how much progress was being made and the status of the project. And by emailing pictures, we were able to see the progress! That was such a comfort since we were 4 and half hours away and couldn’t be on-site to check on the work being done. At the start of the project, we were very apprehensive because of the substantial financial investment we were making, compounded by the fact we were so far away. But what we realized during the months of work was that you were someone we could trust – to keep us informed and make good decisions and most importantly we realized you are someone that takes pride in doing a job the right way.

Scott and Sue Sheaffer

Where do I begin to thank you for the efforts you have made to create a wonderful home for my family and myself to enjoy for years to come? Since the project was started and finished, you have been a valuable professional, solving any and all issues effortlessly. Your craftsmanship and quality is impeccable. If and when I build another home, I will definitely contact you to create a masterpiece from start to finish. It is a credit to your workmanship that I have referred you to family members and friends for their home projects, which you have excelled in their expectations. I feel confident in referring you to anyone, based on my experience with how you handle the whole process. On a personal note, it is your friendship that I value above your professionalism and craftsmanship. Many times people can see through a contractors mannerisms and see that they are just doing a job. You take personal pride in your work and it shows. It also shows in your personality and that is why we have become friends above and beyond work. I thank you for your friendship and your craftsmanship on my home.

Michael R. Palmisano

President, Diversified Capital Management, Inc.

I am writing to say “THANKS!” for all of the good work you did on my home on Spider Lake. The work is beautiful – you are an excellent craftsman.

Also thanks for handling all of the sub-contracting work. There were so many details to work through and you handled them all. You made good recommendations and always communicated well with me. Each individual part of the project came in on budget and on time. You made this project easy – even, I might say, enjoyable!

Randy, please feel free to use me as a reference for your work. I am delighted to be an advocate for you!

Thanks again.

William W. Andrews – President / CEO

Andrews / Birt Advertising

We would like to tell you how pleased we are with the expansions and renovations you did to our home in Mercer, Wisconsin. From the very beginning it was a delight to work with you, your crew and the subcontractors you selected. The quality of the work is superb with much attention to detail and final appearance, and we are very grateful that you completed the work on schedule. Your suggestions for improvements to our building plans were always on the mark, and your efforts to help us keep down the costs without scrimping on quality are much appreciated. We never imagined we could get this much work done for that amount of money and get such a lovely home.

And on another happy note, we have been tracking our gas bills for heating, and we are extremely pleased to tell you that our gas bills for the months September through December have been cut by more than half compared to the same period last year! That is quite remarkable since you increased the floor space by more than 30% but still decreased our heating bill by more than half. Your energy efficient building techniques have literally paid off. What a large savings this will be over the years. Congratulations on a job well done!

My wife and I have really enjoyed working with you and all of your crew. It was truly a delightful experience. We have friends and relatives who tell horror stories about having their homes built or renovated, so we feel very lucky to have found your company. It would be our pleasure to highly recommend Great Lakes Carpentry to any of your prospective customers, and you may share this email with anyone who is interested.

Thanks again for helping us get the home we wanted, and for making it such an enjoyable and exciting experience.

Cary and Molly Chabalowski