timberpeg-smallTimberpeg Log Homes are based on a modular system of design and engineering that makes them infinitely adaptable in style, layout and size. Although Timberpeg has over 50 timber frame floor plans to choose from, almost all of the timber frame buildings we produce are custom-designed to meet specific lifestyle, budget and site requirements. Visit Timberpeg Website

enercept-smallEnercept has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of structural insulated panels, known in the building industry as SIPs. Engineered studies and performance tests have shown SIPs to be stronger, quieter, safer, faster to construct, and 50% more energy efficient than traditional methods of construction. Enercept SIPs, similiar in design to “tilt-up” panels, are composed of a solid layer of EPS (expanded polystyrene insulation) laminated between OSB (oriented strand board) to form an exterior framing system of superb energy efficiency and strength.  View Enercept Website

Pukall-Log-HomesPukall Log Homes As a certified builder we provide locally grown and milled kiln-dried logs. Properly dried logs help build a tight, energy-efficient log home and reduce the risk of settling and shrinkage. We can provide FSC-certified logs on request. View Pukall Log Homes Website

alpen-smallAlpen High Performance Products (Alpen HPP) manufactures super-insulating, thermally efficient residential and commercial windows and architectural glass. Alpen HPP has three decades of experience incorporating lightweight, suspended-film technology. View Alpen Website

Wasco WindowsWasco Windows The WASCO Difference is taking the time to carefully craft every window individually with the attention to detail that you and your home deserve. Every part manufactued is made to order in Wisconsin for Wisconsin weather. Take a look and we’re confident you’ll like what you see.. View Wasco Website